Metanomics Health launches new plasma quality control service
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Click here to view our latest poster publication with Fox Chase Cancer Center on triple-negative breast cancer

Metabolite profiling reveals druggable metabolic distinctions between basal-like and non-basal-like triple-negative breast cancers


A New Metabolomic Signature in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus and Its Pathophysiology

Plos One January 17, 2014
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085082

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American Association Cancer Research, AACR

April 05 - 09
San Diego, CA, USA

Please visit us at our booth #313 and meet us during the poster sessions at Section 18, on Monday morning and 21 Tuesday afternoon

CPhI Japan

April 09 - 11
Tokyo, Japan

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herzkreislaufforschung DGK

April 21 - 26
Mannheim, Germany



Metanomics Health, a BASF Group company , is the world leading company offering targeted and non-targeted metabolite profiling to healthcare customers in industry and academia. We serve pharma, nutrition and diagnostics customers, making them more successful through biomarker identification and validation across a broad range of applications.

In parallel to our third party service business we are funding and conducting a comprehensive diagnostic biomarker program, addressing open questions of high and unmet medical need.

Biomarkers covering disease diagnosis, mechanism of drug toxicity, mechanism of action and drug efficacy are increasingly needed in the preclinical and clinical setting for better evaluation of novel chemical entities including target validation and tailor-made treatment regimens.

Our non-biased broad profiling platform as well as the hypothesis-driven targeted metabolomics platforms have the potential for providing novel biomarkers of disease and drug efficacy and are routinely incorporated into biomarker discovery and validation studies.

We enhance contextualization of our reproducible and robust metabolic signatures via integration with data from other “-omics” platforms such as transcriptomics or proteomics. In our systems biology approach we are linking known metabolites and genes to relevant pathways and phenotypes, i.e. mapping genotype to phenotype.

Our customers´ personalized medicines and nutrition solutions are guided by differentiated and robust metabolite biomarker signatures, thus making sure that the right intervention is selected for the right person at the right time.

Metanomics Health is member of the international BASF Plant Science platform with units located in Germany, Belgium, Canada, and USA.